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Building my racecar

Finally, after doing design work, re-design work, and re-re-design work (perfectionism can be a curse) for nine years, I was to a point where I could choose a supplier for the chassis. I initially sent the quote out to a number of firms I knew, and didn't like them for a number of different reasons. Then I went looking for 4130 suppliers and found a guy locally. I looked at his website and found out he also does race car fabrication so I went over to see him.

I walked through the door and decided: that's the guy who is going to build my chassis - that guy is Andy Robinson, who has a sub-six second drag car and is a multiple national champion. He races what he builds - I can trust a guy who races his own builds.

Next I booked a build slot with Andy, and quickly realised I wasn't the first person to decide he's the guy to build for me as he is a victim of his own success, so in the queue I went.

Then some time passed (ha ha) and Andy was able to start the chassis. I was there for the first couple days of the build. The chassis was built on my inspection and fabrication jig. Andy was building it exactly the same way I would do it, which was really reassuring.  Things like cutting tube over length and then precision machining to the correct length, rather than grinding or sanding it, which is how a toolmaker would do it, which is what my background is. That made me happy to see it done to the standard I'd do it myself. Happy days.

During the build, Andy only had one query about my drawing as I had missed a weld. One error only in my drawing when there is no peer review, I'll take it.

In the meantime, I was working crazy hours for my customer setting up new facilities on the other side of the world and breaking world records on projects across the pond. I knew as soon as my chassis was done I would end that relationship - it's like having a kid, once it's born, that's all - nothing else actually matters.

Finally the day came: Andy finished the chassis and it was brought back to Group C Motorsport's new build facility (aka the new garage).

Look at that absolute beauty. The chassis has outstanding welds and every detail was exactly as designed. I hated the thought of covering up the stunning welding work but in order to protect it, I had the chassis powder coated.

Really happy with this powder coating work by Aurora Powder Coating. The powder coating really makes it look sleek and professional. And the coating is glass hard and in a great red wine colour.

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